From A to Z here are some of the terms you will be interested in knowing.  As more varieties and possibilities appear, the Editors will be updating this page and the site.

Abisante, anise flavored liqueur

Absinthe, also anise flavored liqueur

Advocaat, liqueur from Holland, can be enjoyed straight or on the rocks

Agavero, tequila-based liqueur

Alexander, mixed drink

Amaretto, almond flavored liqueur, made with apricot pits

Amaro Melitti, bitter Italian digestif flavored with aromatic herbs

Amber Ale, beer, a Belgian Ale.  Sweeter due to excess malt, dark in color

Amer Picon, bitter French aperitif, with orange taste

Aperol, Italian aperitif with orange taste but contains other herbs

Arrack, a type of liquor from Southeast Asia, of fermented sugarcane, cap of coconut flowers, fruits and red rice

Asti, sweet Italian sparking wine from the Asti region using Muscat grapes.  Low alcoholic content – 8%

Averna, Italian bitter liqueur often used as cocktail mixer

Baijiu, a white liquor from China, 40-60% alcohol content, ingredients include sorghum, millet, barley, wheat and glutinous rice

Barenjaeger, honey flavored liqueur produced in Germany

Barley Wine, beer, amber to darker shades of black, fruity, flavorful with high alcoholic content

Bellini, mixed drink

Benai, American version of Benedictine

Benedictine, Cognac based with herbs, roots and sugar

Bitter, beer, a pale Ale, pleasant aroma from the hops used

Blackberry Brandy, a flavored brandy

Blackberry Liqueur, a liqueur, less sweet than the brandy

Bloody Mary, mixed drink

Bock, beer, German in origin, dark from malty flavored to even darker, hop flavored

Borovicka, Slovak liquor flavored with juniper berries, 40% alcohol content, golden or white color with a dry taste

Brandy, liquor, aged in oak casks, distilled from grapes, also plums, pears and apples, often consumed after dinner, elegant and ceremonial

Butterscotch Liqueur, liqueur made  from mixing butter and brown sugar

Butterscotch Schnapps, liqueur made from mixing butter and brown sugar

Cacao Mit Nuss, Crème de cacao with a hazelnut flavor

Cachaca, Brazil’s most popular liquor, 38-40% alcohol content, a distillate of molasses

Caipirinha, mixed drink

Campari, bitter Italian aperitif served on the rocks or mixed with club soda for cocktails – Negroni and Americano

Cardinal Cocktail, mixed drink

Cava, a pink or white Spanish sparkling wine using Parellada, Xarello and Chardonnay grapes

Chambord, liqueur dating back to 1685, produced in France’s Loire valley of red and black raspberries, honey, vanilla and cognac

Champagne, produced in France in the Champagne region of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meaner grapes

Chartreuse, herbal liqueur produced by Carthusian monks in the French Alps

Cherry Heering, naturally flavored cherry liqueur from Denmark, used in cocktails

Cherry Liqueur, also known as Maraschino liqueur

Chimayo, mixed drink

Cinnamon Schnapps, flavored with cinnamon, often used in cocktails and shooters

Christmas Russian, mixed drink

Coffee Liqueur, coffee flavored liqueur, known by many names, and often topped with heavy cream floating on top

Cointreau, brand name orange flavored liqueur, considered a premium triple sec

Cosmopolitan, mixed drink

Cremant, sparkling wine, produced in France with low carbon dioxide giving it a creamy mouth feel

Crème d’Abricots, Apricot Liqueur, Apry, cream of apricot liqueur from France

Crème d’Almond, pink liqueur flavored with almonds and fruit stones, similar to crème de noyaux

Crème de Bananes, Banana Liqueur, cream of banana liqueur, sweet and true to the fruit flavor

Crème de Café, coffee flavored liqueur, known by many names, and often topped with heavy cream floating on top

Crème de Cacao, chocolatae and vanilla bean based liqueur.

Crème de Cassis, sweet, low-proof liqueur made from French black currants

Crème de Cerise, sweet cherry flavored liqueur

Crème de Coconut, Coconut Liqueur, Batida de Coco, family of sweet coconut flavored liqueurs with a typically rum base

Crème de Framboise, crème liqueur with a raspberry flavor

Crème de Menthe, sweet liqueur flavored with mint leaves, either white (clear) or green

Crème de Mure, sweet blackberry flavored liqueur

Crème de Noyaux, pink liqueur with almond flavor made from stones of plums, cherries, peaches and apricots.  Found in cocktails such as the Pink Squirrel

Crème de Violette, purple, violet flavored liqueur

Cuba Libre, mixed drink

Curacao, liqueur made of dried peels of laraha oranges, can also be white, blue or green

Cynar, artichoke based bitter liquer

Daiquiri, mixed drink

Damiana, lightly flavored herbal liqueur from Mexico that has long been used as an aphrodisiac

Dom Perignon, the most well known brand of Champagne

Domaine de Canton, ginger flavored liqueur with an eau-de-vie and Cognac based, produced in France

DoppleBock, beer, stronger than Bock, dark with increased caramel and chocolate malts

Drambuie, a liqueur formulated from Scotch, heather honey and herbs

Dubonnet Blanc, Dubonnet Blond, White Dubonnet, a French wine based aperitif.  One of two styles

Dubonnet Rouoge, Red Dubonnet, the sweeter of the two varietals, having a red wine base flavored with spices

Dunkel, the premier variety of German lager beer.  Dark, modest alcoholic content with overtones of chocolate, coffee and licorice

Ecstasy, lemon and pomegranate flavored, including natural stimulants including guarana, taurine and ginseng

Espumante, a Portuguese sparkling wine,  generally an inexpensive sparkling wine

Expresso, from Italy, coffee flavored liqueur, known by many names, and often topped with heavy cream floating on top

Fernet Branca, Italian amaro (bitter liqueur) dating back to 1845 and consisting of 40 herbs, roots and spices with a menthol-eucalyptus flavor

Frangelico, hazelnut flavored liqueur

Galliano, smooth, spicy liqueur with hints of anise and vanilla, from Livorno, Italy

Gin, liquor, very popular and widely used in cocktails, distilled from grains and flavored with juniper berries, generally clear in color

Ginger Liqueur, ginger flavored liqueur

Gingerbread Liqueur, gingerbread flavored liqueur produced by Hiram Walker only available during autumn and winter seasons

Godiva, a line of chocolate liqueurs produced by Godiva Chocolatier

Goldschlager, clear colored cinnamon schnapps containing 24K gold leaf flakes.  Used in cocktails and shooters for effect

Grand Marnier, Cognac based orange liqueur from France

GranGala Triple Orange, orange liqueur with Italian VSOP brandy base, flavored by Mediterranean oranges.  A substitute for Grand Marnier

Grasshopper, mixed drink

Harvey Wallbanger, mixed drink

Herbsaint, a substitute for absinthe

Horilka, Ukrainian liquor distilled from grain, sugar beets, honey and potatoes, a type of local whiskey

Hpnotiq, blue tropical liqueur blends vodka, cognac and fruits (family proprietary secret).  Substitute for blue curacao

Irish Ale, beer, deep red color, with sweet, malty taste.

India Pale Ale (IPA), beer, a pale Ale with a bitter scent and taste due to the hops

Irish Cream Liqueur, creamy liqueur made of Irish whiskey, cream and chocolate, often used in cocktails and shooters

Irish Mist, sweet aromatic blend of Irish whiskey, honey, herbs and other spirits in a recipe dating back more than 1,000 years

Jägermeister, an herbal liqueur produced in Germany often used in shooters

Kaoliang, Chinese liquor distributed  to Korea, Taiwan and Matsu and Kinmen islands, a sorghum distilled alcoholic beverage

Kir, mixed drink

Limoncello, sweet, lemon flavored Italian dessert liqueur produced from lemon zests

Licor 43, vanilla flavored liqueur produced in Spain containing 43 ingredients with vanilla being the dominant flavor

Long Island Iced Tea, mixed drink

Lychee Liqueur, very sweet liqueurs flavored by either distilling or infusing lychee fruit into a base spirit

Mai Tai, mixed drink

Mango Liqueur, sweet, orange colored liqueur flavored with tropical fruit

Manhattan, mixed drink

Maotai, liquor produced in the town of Maotai in Southwest China, of distilled sorghum, with soy sauce type fragrance at lingers in the mouth after drinking

Maraschino, clear, dry cherry flavored liqueur made from the Marasca cherry and pits.  A popular cocktail mixer

Margarita, mixed drink

Martini, mixed drink

Marzen, beer from Munich, Germany, also known as Oktoberfest beer, full-bodied, dark color

Metaxa, liquor, distilled in Greece, mixture of wine, spices, and brandy, dry in nature

Methode Cap Classique, South African sparkling wine using Sauvignon blanc, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot noir grapes

Mexican Kahlua, coffee flavored liqueur, known by many names, and often topped with heavy cream floating on top

Mezcal, liquor from Mexico, distilled from maguey plan, dry in nature

Midori, light green colored liqueur with a sweet melon flavor.

Mojito, mixed drink

Munich Dark Pale, beer, Munich, Germany, a dark blend of malt and coffee taste

Navan, liqueur with Cognac black flavored with natural black vanilla from Madagascar.  Produced by Grand Marnier

Ogogoro, Nigerian liquor, a distillate of Raffia juice from palm trees forming pure ethanol, 30-60% alcohol content

Ouzo, Greek aperitif liqueur flavored with anise, over 90 proof, mixed 4 parts water to one part Ouzo

Pale Ale, beer, light colored, full of malt and hops.

Pale Lager, beer, very popular throughout the world, straw colored, malty taste, filtered and crisp, highly carbonated, low alcohol content, Pilsner lagers are in this category

PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur, very sweet red liqueur infused with pomegranates.  Makes an excellent POM Martini

Pasha, from Turkey, coffee flavored liqueur, known by many names, and often topped with heavy cream floating on top

Patron Citronage, orange liqueur produced by Patron Spirits, perfect for tequila cocktails.

Patron XO Café, tequila based liqueur with flavor of coffee. Drier, not as sweet as other coffee liqueurs, but stronger at 70 proof

Peach Liqueur, produced from infusion of whole, fresh and/or dried peaches in brandy or neutral spirit base

Peppermint Schnapps, similar to crème de menthe with less sugar and more alcohol.  A favorite in winter cocktails

Pezsgo, Hungarian sparkling wine containing a variety of many types of grapes

Pimento Dram, peppery Jamaican rum liqueur with allspice flavoring

Pimm’s Cup, a liqueur featuring secret recipes of fruit and spices in base liqueurs

Pina Colada, mixed drink

Pineapple Liqueur, Licor de Pina, a tart fruit liqueur from the Caribbean or Hawaii

Pink Squirrel, mixed drink

Pisco, liquor from Peru and Chile, a distillate of grapes

Porter, beer, extremely Dark Ale, produced with heavy-roasted malt.  Medium-bodied with crisp taste.

Prosecco, sweet Italian sparkling wine using Prosecco grapes, best consumed when the wine is young and not aged

Pumpkin Liqueur, a pumpkin flavored liqueur usually produced only during autumn and winter months

Raki, anise flavored, high proof liqueur from Turkey

Rum, liquor made from distilling molasses or sugar juice.  Varieties include dark, light and spiced

RumChata, a cream liqueur made with Caribbean run and Wisconsin dairy cream, flavored with cinnamon, vanilla, sugar and other ingredients

St. Germain, an elderflower liqueur with an eau-de-vie base.  French

Sambuca, Italian liqueur produced from oils of anise, star anise, licorice, elderflower and other spices.  Red, white, black varieties

Schnapps, a distilled spirit (not to be confused with a liqueur) produced by fermenting fruits.  Varieties include apple, cinnamon and pepperment

Screwdriver, mixed drink

Sekt, German sparkling wine of Riesling, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc grapes. Austrian variety is golden using Gruner Veltline and Welschriesling grapes

Sex on the Beach, mixed drink

Shiraz, Australian sparkling wine, sweet, red, uses Shiraz grapes with other varieties as well

Shochu, liquor from Japan, distilled from rice, sweet potatoes or barley, 25% alcohol content

Singapore Sling, mixed drink

Sloe Gin, red liqueur (not gin) made from sloe plums of the blackthorn bush

Somrus, Indian cream liqueur blended from rum and dairy cream, flavored with spices

Southern Comfort, interestingly categorized as a liqueur, American, a whiskey base liqueur flavored with peaches.  100 proof.  Often used as a mixer

Sovetskoye Shampanskoye, Russian Champagne

Stouts, beer, Dark Ale.  Guinness is the most famous.  They use malt-free, dark-roasted barley, minimal hops and sweet chocolate – types include, chocolate, coffee, dry, oatmeal and others

Strega, Italian liqueur includes 70 herbs and spices, yellow in color, its name means ‘witch’ in Italian

Sweet Revenge,wild strawberry sour mash liqueur, brilliant pink, produced in U.S., with a fruity flavor

Tangerine, liqueur comprised of tangerine with mild spice flavors

Tequila, liquor produced from blue agave.  100% alcohol content most desirable.

Tequila Rose, strawberry  flavored liqueur from Mexico

Tia Maria, from Jamaica, coffee flavored liqueur, known by many names, and often topped with heavy cream floating on top

Trento Doc, Italian sparking wine, using Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes, above 11% proof

Triple Sec, orange flavored liqueur, the name has gone generic for the orange liqueur classification.  Cointreau and Combier are top producers

Tuaca, Italian liqueur, vanilla and citrus

Tuaca Cinnaster, the cinnamon flavored liqueur produced by Tuaca

Tuica, liquor prepared from plums and cereal grain (rachie), Romanian, alcohol content 45-60%

TY KU, pale green liqueur with sake and Asian vodka base.  Base is a mix of 20 all natural fruits and botanicals

Unicum, a bitter herbal digestif of Hungarian production including a secret recipe of 40 herbs and spices created in 1790

VeeV Acai Spirit, a distilled spirit (not liqueur) made from acai fruit

Vermouth Cassis, mixed drink

Vodka, Russian liquor, odorless, tasteless, from distillation of potatoes, grains, sugar beets creating pure ethanol with water added, drank straight or mixed

Wheat Beer, pale, high carbonation

Whiskey, liquor distilled from a variety of grains – corn, rye and barley. Distilled 2 or 3 times then aged to improve flavor. Scotch, Bourbon are varieties

Whiskey Sour, mixed drink

White Russian, mixed drink

X-Rated Fusion, pink liqueur infusion of mango, Provence blood oranges and passion fruit in premium vodka.  France

Yukon Jack, Canadian whisky-based honey liqueur often mistaken as straight Canadian whisky with a sweetened taste

Zen, green colored, green tea flavored produced by Suntory (Japanese) used in cocktails

Zombie, mixed drink

Zwack, herbal digestif liqueur less bitter with more citrus than Unicum.  Popular in U.S. as the Jägermeister alternative